𝕎𝕀ℕℕ 𝕎𝕀ℕℕ studio ⚡ is a multi-disciplinary workshop with concentration on concentrating really hard.

 WINNIE, is a New York City native that calls Southwest Atlanta home with her lawful Georgia Peach and 2 hounds Luna & Penelope Longbottom. She went to some school called Parsons School of Design for four-ish years and earned a paper that says Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography. Winnie loves taking photos of environmental portraits & landscapes,  painting, her neighborhood of Oakland City, animal friends, hoarding plants (through trials & many errors), unintentionally moving things around with great intent, puns, laughing @ her own state of mind, and aggressively exploring her own culture with motifs she grew up with. Winnie's dream is to raise enough paper to continue making work, and have a modest farm with her friends taking care of a small community of 8 huacaya alpacas, 2 mini horses, 4 nigerian goats, 2 vietnamese hogs, 1 pair of pekingese dogs that symbolize foo dogs, and the fanciest chickens.

meet the support team


LUNA & PENELOPE – The loves of Winnie's life, little big sister/big little sister, enemies on a cordial basis, and best friends but don't know it after a whole daggone year, are volunteers who hired themselves to alert the studio when materials arrive from our lovely hardworking mail carriers. Luna is a Dachshund + Australian Terrier mix from NYACC and Penelope Longbottom "Penny" is (a southern belle) some sort of  shepherd mystery mix adopted from AHS. Their greatest strengths are enthusiasm. Their greatest weakness is also enthusiasm. 

JOSH "a wah"  Production Assistant (quickly demoted from Logistics Manager)  – You can frequently see her food-motivated partner Josh shuffling a very frazzled "time is just a construct" Winnie around in the morning and happily  lifting heavy things during in-person events for small treats such as, a literal cookie. What you may not know is that Josh works for a Metro Atlanta non-profit. He enjoys certain movies, certain books, certain things, and all foods. Josh is a hungry man you cannot trust – you leave your snack around him, believe your snack will be snatched up.